eucament plusEUCAMENT® PLUS Oral Solution


Natural Ethereal Oils (Plant Origin)……………200 mg

Bromhexine HCl……………………………….10 mg


Properties & Indications:

Eucament Plus is water soluble concentrate based on a combination of essential oils of plant origin with Bromhexine and thus acts as Mucolytic expectorant which enhanced mucous excretion & increase immunity for poultry & all livestock. Eucament Plus can be applied for the regular prevention of respiratory problems in poultry caused by CRD, IB, and ILT, ND or due to bad ventilation and to overcome post vaccination reactions.Eucament Plus is indicated in cases that can’t use antibiotics due to any reason and can be applied via spray method in all forms of poultry.

Dosage &Administration:

Poultry Drinking water: 50 ml /200 L for 3 days twice daily. Spraying 200 ml in 10 L of water for 20000 birds 2ce weekly.


Avoid use of EUCAMENT-PLUS with Quinolones and 2 days before and after live vaccines.

Withdrawal period: Avoid consuming animal’s products during treatment and for 8 hours after last administration.

Storage:  Store at temperature below 30C. Don’t refrigerate.

Presentations:  250 ml, 500 ml.

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