Zygosis Nigeria Limited started over a decade ago with the vision of providing solutions to the livestock industry.

In the past decade, it has strategically positioned itself to become one of Nigeria’s foremost veterinary pharmaceutical companies.

Partnering some of the world’s best manufacturers of deluxe veterinary drugs and inputs, it has taken on the responsibility of becoming the Nigerian farmer’s best friend.

It has an impressive service-list of distinguished professionals in its roll call and has established profound representation in all the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.

The production and supply of animal protein in Nigeria is peculiar in a plethora of ways. Inadequate Government support, market, climate and territorial factors all constitute constraints which undermine productivity.

Worldwide, however, health concerns for livestock still reverberate synonymously as outstanding for yield and output to be measured.

Veterinary drugs and inputs hold a formidable place in this enterprise as variable factors of production.

In this literature, Zygosis Nigeria presents its extensive repertoire of quality, standard livestock health solutions.

These formulations have been produced under the ethics of Good Manufacturing Practice, Standard Operating Procedure and Best Practices.